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 Ealing Drug Education Project

Empowering communities against addiction

We offer support, advice, information, education and training to individuals, families and organisations.  To access our services, please call us on Tel: 020 8843 0945

Our programme and schedule of activities can be found below, alternatively view our PDF leaflet

Ealing Drug Education Project
Empowering communities against addiction

We at Ealing Drug Education Project (EDEP) believe that individuals and communities need appropriate information and services to overcome drug and alcohol addiction.  We therefore offer the following:

  • Information about drugs, alcohol and Khat in English, Somali, Punjabi and Urdu.
  • Information about services and what they offer
  • Training for volunteers to become community educators
  • Support to individuals and families affected by addiction issues
  • Mediation between parents and children as well as spouses and partners
  • Support for Khat users and families
  • Targeted work with young people on crime, drug and community unity
  • Unity work with all sections of the community
  • Therapeutic work with individuals

We work with schools, colleges, voluntary organisations (including all faith groups), businesses and statutory organisations. 

Anyone can access our services
Contact us on Tel: 020 8843 0945

DAPP, KAS house, Unit K, Middlesex Business Centre,
Bridge Road, Southall, Middlesex UB2 4AB
Tel: 020 8843 0945    Fax: 020 8843 1068

For information about any of these contract DAAP on Tel: 020 8843 0945

  1. Empowering Young People

Coldingley Crime Diversion Scheme- We take young people between the ages of 13 years to 17 years of age to Coldingley prison for an interactive workshop once a month.  Please contact Imam Zahid Bhatti.

We offer targeted self-development sessions at schools and study centres. Please contact Mukhtar Handule.

  1. Empowering the Somali Community

We provide information about Khat and support for users and families. Please contact Mukhtar Handule.

  1. Empowering Women

We present the ‘DAAP Woman of the Year Award’ to a woman who has successfully addressed her own or someone else’s addiction at the annual ‘Woman against Drugs’ event held around the International Women’s Day.

We run a support group of Punjabi speaking carers every week. Please contact Harbhajan Ghatore.

  1. Empowering Users and Carers

For mediation contact Iman Zahid Bhatti
For help and support please contact Harbhajan Ghatore

  1. Empowering Communities

For education and information on drug, alcohol and Khat issues, training for volunteers and community unity, please contact Harbhajan or Mukhtar

Mediation is where someone independent helps two or more people to talk about their problems and issues so that they can achieve solutions and agreements.  DAAP believes that mediation helps families to face addiction and related issues more objectively. 

Support Through Talk Therapy
Many people need to talk to someone to decide what to do about addiction and related issues.  DAAP offers talk therapy in English, Punjabi, Urdu and Somali for users, carers and other family members.  Group support is also available.

Drug, Alcohol and Khat Education
Knowledge about drugs, alcohol and Khat addiction helps individuals to assess how this affects them and their communities.  DAAP offers outreach education sessions in English, Punjabi, Urdu and Somali.

Training and Building Knowledge
DAAP trains volunteers to become community educators so that they can deliver education sessions in different languages.  We also build the capacity of organisations to deal with addiction issues and help services to address different cultural needs. 

Community Unity
Challenging prejudices and discrimination between communities help to build safer and stronger communities, which can address issues of crime and safety.  DAAP works to promote equality, community cohesion and safety between all communities.  Empowering communities. 

DAAP believes that different communities have different needs.  We therefore work in a targeted way with young people, women, diverse cultural communities, the voluntary and other sector organisations.

Therapeutic Support
Being able to relax allows individual to be more in control of their lives.  DAAP will continue to offer Yoga, meditation and Reiki for user and carers.



Ealing NHS Trust

DAAP is also supported by

Dr Amarjit Khambay
Dr Rashmi Patel MBE
Supporting the website

Mr Athul Pathak (franchisee of McDonalds, Southall)
Sponser of summer project

Human Expression
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