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Friday 11 April 2003

Networking Dinner
Monday 28 April 2003

Dr R. RajaRayan OBE (Chair of the DAAP) gave the DAAP presentation for both the Launch (Friday 11 April 2003) and Networking Dinner (Monday 28 April 2003) meetings.

The presentation is now available to download (in Microsoft PowerPoint format). The file size is 1.5 MB.

The presentation consists of 29 slides. If you find that the slides are not running, try clicking on the "edge" of the presentation to activate the next slide instead of clicking near the centre of the screen.

To download and save the presentation to your computer:
"Right" click on the link > Save Target as...

To view the presentation through your browser:
"Left" click on the link as normal and a new window will open.

Click here to download/view the presentation.


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