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DAAP's press release on Drinksense campaign causes great flurry!

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DAAP's press release outlining the activities of its annual Drinksense campaign caused great media flurry and much feedback from members of the public!

International day for the elimination of violence against women

25th November 2008

25th November was the International Day for the elimination of violence against women. Why focus on eliminating violence against women? Because violence is an everyday reality for so many women across the globe.

Knife and gun crime

11th November 2008

One weekend in May 2008 and five people are killed. Three stabbed and two shot. Four others survive stabbing and gun shots. Is this the face of modern Britain?

Be Safe - Shireen Khan's tragic death

13th October 2008

Shireen Khan's tragic death last week has brought home the horror of violence suffered by so many women in their own homes. Shireen was strangled in her own home and had been on a life support machine in hospital.

Man jailed after 'khat' attack

17th January 2007

We deplore the killing of Hodan - yet another woman killed because of addiction at the hands of her husband. On 17th January, a man who attacked and killed his wife after "chewing khat" was jailed for life at the Old Bailey.

Stop demonising drug users

9th October 2006

The gruesome news and exposure of the so called drug treatment centre in Pakistan that claimed to follow a spiritual model of treatment has struck horror and concern amongst all of us professionals working in the addiction field.